Thursday, 8 November 2012

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Spring Love

Volta's Alexander & Victoria-Kate for the latest issue of
Segui La Moda, Argentina 

Photographer: Nicolas Torres
Stylist: Annika Bowen

Sunday, 4 November 2012

NEW FACE - Dannielle

Volta is constantly on the lookout for fresh new talent and we would like to introduce to you our fresh new face - DANNIELLE 

For bookings phone Volta AUS  on 03.982.777.15 or email

Volta in Print

Our Volta girls have been extremely busy the past few weeks. Check out some of their latest work from both Australia and Europe. 

Tess VOLTA AUS for INSTYLE Magazine



Sunday, 30 September 2012

SUPERfood MODEL - Alexander

A SUPERfood model? That’s it, you read correctly. Volta’s Alexander is our superfood model and it is not hard to tell when you see him with his healthy glow that is proving to be the envy of many.
Alexander signed with Volta not long after his return from international modeling and is fast becoming one of the healthiest models around. He is more then just a model as he emerges himself in all things health and wellbeing with his lifestyle fitting right in with that of the holistic image Volta likes to uphold.
After spending much time overseas Alexander’s curiosity got the better of him as he spent numerous hours researching the facts on what we are actually put into our bodies. Shocked at the results Alexander decided to make this his aspiration not only for his life but also for those around him.
Alexander pictured here adding Coconut water
(a superfood) to his green smoothies
In a recent chat Alexander says, “Health and wellbeing have always played a major part in my life, but it wasn’t until I actually began to take a deeper look into it that I realised more needs to be done in this area”. 
Just take a look at Alexander’s instagram pictures and you will see he is a proud green smoothie believer. He spends every free second he gets inbetween his travels experimenting with new superfoods and finding easy ways for people to incorporate them into their daily diets.
“My friends and family laugh and say I’m obsessed but seriously, when the quality of our life is determined by what we actually put into our bodies then why wouldn't you.  I don’t judge people that choose to eat differently then me, but I do like to educated them and make them aware. I do tend to take things to the extreme but that's just the way I am. Currently I am experimenting with a RAW diet, I tell you what, its not easy but the results are proving to be awesome”.
“I often get called the goodie goodie model particularly while I was in Japan as I refused to go out and live the  ‘Rock Star’ lifestyle like that of my other friends. As much as I loved them, I just realised it wasn’t for me". Alexander tells us.
“There was this on going joke between the other boys and my bookers calling me the ‘It’s good for your skin’ boy as I was constantly sharing information about certain foods that are good for your skin. By the end of my trip I noticed all the boys going to castings and jobs with their water bottles full of lemons simply because ‘It’s good for your skin’, I am glad my annoyance paid off in some way ha ha”.  
“But even now I prefer to spend my weekends in my kitchen surrounded by hundreds of coconuts deciding what to turn them into.
I also have a huge passion to educate young people in the health field, helping them make the right food choices for themselves  both physically and also mentally”.

"Green smoothies are a quick and
easy way to add a heap of nutrients to
your diet" explains Alexander
We love having Alexander around as he always comes into the office with some new and exciting snack that is packed full of superfoods and hopefully adds an extra few years to our lives.
“I am super proud that my image in the industry is of a fresh, healthy and happy model. I worked hard to get myself to this point and choose to continue living and breathing it, simply because I love it. I love spirituality, I live by positive affirmations and choose to only fill my life with good and make it my mission to share this with all those around me. The fact too that I am represented by an agency that also carries these beliefs makes me very happy”.
“It makes me excited  when my friends come over and start asking all the questions and show curiosity as to why certain foods are so good, what they (the foods) do and how to incorporate them into their diets. One of my friends referred to me as a modern, stylish hippy ha ha… I can live with that”.
Things are looking great for Alexander as he is on the way of launching his own Whole, Natural & Organic Lifestyle brand. We will also be seeing a lot more of him educating young people in this area and of course let us not forget his modeling career, after having just been placed with CHIC Management in Sydney.
Alexander is also in the process of sharing all his super goodness recipes online and showing us simple ways of incorporating more of the good and removing more bad in our lives. 
Curious about Alexander's Green Smoothies and Raw Foods? follow him on instagram: @alexborst

Wednesday, 26 September 2012


She's Our Dream


For the cover of Karamel Mag - Melbourne, AUS